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Beware the Joy Stealers

As you think about rezooming your legal career beware of the joy-stealers. Who and what is a joy stealer? They are the people who, when you speak about your dream or positive events that have unfolded in your favor on this journey to rezoom, pour cold water on your...

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Peacemaking in the Dog Wars

Last week Judge Mathew Cooper, in the case Travis v. Murray, handed down a landmark divorce decision in NY.  Judge Cooper found a household pet, a miniature dachshund named Joey, is “decidedly more than a piece of property” thus “a strict property analysis is neither...

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All Paws Up for Veterans Day

—By Debra Vey Voda-HamiltonAs we celebrate Veteran’s Day 2013, I would love to also celebrate the beings that are now helping veteran come back from the brink, time after time.  Lives that have often been spared who then turn around and rescue the rescuer....

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Holiday-time with your pets

With the Holidays right around the corner, the last thing you may be thinking about is, “how will my pet be spending the holidays?”  If this inquiry jolted you into stark realization, here is the question you want to ponder before the holidays are upon you.How...

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Managing the Conflict

As I re-read Bill Ury’s book, The Third Side (Penguin-1999-2000), a passage jumped out at me and begged to be explored further in a short blog.  In the last 7 pages of Chapter 2, he speaks about Conflict Management and competition.  Never before has a...

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9 11 2013

As we reflect today on what this day means to us and where we were, on this day, 12 years ago lets send a prayer out to all those who were effected personally by this event.  The shock never wanes for me, and I was 30 miles away.Yesterday, a very dear colleague...

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Hello HLM Blog Followers:We again feature Foster Swift's Blog written by my colleague Julie Fershtman, Esq..Julie discusses accidents that can occur involving equine practice and ownership and encourages her readers to check out their insurance coverage with their...

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People Whisperer

In the world of dogs, Cesar Milan is known as the Dog Whisperer.  In the July 6th, 2013, Journal News-LoHud article titled, Dog’s best friend (1) he was interviewed for his upcoming event at the Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, N.Y.  Cesar spoke about his...

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Don’t Talk to ‘Them”

By Debra Vey Voda Hamilton, Esq., Hamilton Law and MediationOn June 28th 2013 I actually took the time to read the Op-Ed page of the NY Times.  I usually leave it to my husband who reads every NY paper, cover to cover.  He helps me find articles relevant to...

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