If you’re planning to attend the NYSBA 2017 Annual Meeting in NYC, let me know when you’ll be there so that we can connect.

On Wednesday, 1/25, at 1:30 pm, Rachel Hirschfeld, Sim Goldman and I will be having a practical discussion about laws impacting the animals in our homes and lives. We’d love to have you join us.

Practicing Animal Law: What Every Attorney Needs To Know About How Laws Impact The Animals In Our Homes and Lives

We’ll be talking about planning for an animal’s care after the owner’s death or incapacity, conflict resolution with respect to animal custody upon the dissolution of relationships, and laws that focus on service and support animals.

Rachel Hirschfeld will present on how to plan for your animal’s continuity of care by pet trust and pet protection agreement so that if you die or are otherwise unable to care for your pet you will have plans in place that do.

Debra Hamilton will present on how alternative dispute resolution can be used to solve disputes over animals between parties involved in a divorce, housing and contract disagreements and other animal conflicts that may arise in relationships.

Sim Goldman will present on disability laws with a focus on service and emotional support animals.

You can get more details and register here…

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