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Let Me Show You The Safe & Easy Way to
Resolve Pet Disagreements and Help Everyone Win

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  • 3 Foolproof Tactics Pet Owners Can Use To Live Peacefully With Their Animals
  • 3 Things Every Savvy Pet Owner Does
  • 4 Secrets To Divorcing With Pets
  • 3 Secret And Highly Effective Strategies To Use When Having a Discussion About Animals

Conflicts over animals are among the toughest to resolve. People form deep emotional bonds with their pets—after all, they’re members of the family—so when a dispute involves animals, people get just as angry as if the clash were over their human children. When they’ve finally had enough, they head to court where the law treats the pet as property—as just a thing.

But there’s a better way: mediation. Whether your conflict is over who gets the cat in a divorce, how to deal with a barking dog or any other issue, a neutral mediator can bring you and the other person together so you can hear each other out, acknowledge each other’s feelings, and resolve your dispute. Not only can mediation settle the conflict in less time and with less expense than litigation, but it can save and even strengthen relationships.


What will happen to your beloved pet(s) if you can’t care for them yourself?

Let me give you 5 SIMPLE tips to help ensure that your pet is cared for properly even when you can’t care for them yourself. 

Imagine your PEACE OF MIND knowing that you have plans in place for the care of your beloved pet in case something should happen to you and your ability to care for them! PRICELESS!!


Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton hosted a 16 Speaker Summit which explored the use of mediation in resolving conflicts between people over pets.

After listening to these authorities in the field of mediation, you will understand the problems that arise and how the experts find solutions. You will feel confident about including pet conflicts in your mediation practice after you complete the summit.

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