Hurricane Matthew battered the Florida coast this morning with powerful winds, potentially devastating storm surges and torrential rain, leaving nearly 1 million people without power as officials made last-minute appeals for any remaining holdouts to get out of harm’s way.

I hope that neither you, nor anyone in your family has been affected by this massive storm. And, that if you live in Florida you’ve been able to evacuate with all of your beloved animal companions…

All told, about 3.1 million people have been told to evacuate in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Officials in those states have urged coastal residents to head inland as the most powerful Atlantic storm in more than a decade continued on its path along the coast.

The question I find myself asking is, “Do they have a plan in place to evacuate safely with their pets? What will happen to the animals that don’t travel with their people so easily?”

I have a question for you…

Could your beloved animals be at risk if something like this should happen where you live? Do you have a plan in place for their evacuation & care?

If your answer is anything but a resounding “NO, they are not at risk!!! I have a complete plan made for them!!” I’m inviting you to join us on October 19th for our FREE monthly webinar – Five Steps Proactive Pet Parents Take To Save Their Pet’s Life.

I will show you how to create a SIMPLE plan that will enable your beloved companion animals to receive the care you want them to receive any time you are personally unable to care for them…

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