Yesterday was a huge Re-zoom opportunity for the British royal family. To their credit, Kate and Will embraced moving the monarchy into the 21st century with both hands.
From the spring green trees lining Westminster Abbey’s aisle, to the 1969 Austin Martin drive down the lane to their resting house, they thrilled and enraptured the audience present or watching in a way vaguely reminiscent of that other fairytale wedding 30 years earlier.  It was hard not to be optimistic. These two young people have it all together in a way Charles and Diana did not.  In ‘having it all together’ they might actually survive and thrive and with them so goes the monarchy.
I remember Charles and Diana’s wedding perfectly.  I was married two months later and used a red carpet down the aisle to the alter.  My marriage, with its ups and downs, has stayed together unlike William’s parents.
Will and Kate looked to all the world as royalty with a twist.  From Kate’s arrival by car, to her simple veil and beautifully understated dress, she was for all the world to see genuine and approachable.  In reality, due to the times we live in, that may no longer be not be the case.  However, the illusion based on their past conduct, enabled everyone watching to feel connected to this next generation.  Everyone I watch the wedding with hoped the Queen would skip Charles and Camilla going straight to Will & Kate.  Their authenticity won the day.
Are you authentic? It is imperative we re-zoomers maintain our authenticity.  It is what makes us unique and fuels us on our new journey.  W are real, approachable and unique.  Maintaining the little things, like a thank you note, a call or a follow up email with helpful inform journeyer a colleague you met at an event, does wonders for your ‘brand’.
Will and Kate are inheriting a ‘brand’ that is a bit weathered and tarnished by recent events.  Yet they have the unique opportunity to put their mark on this monarchy by establishing a more open and responsive aura while maintaining the grandeur, which has withstood the test of time. We saw a glimpse of that April 29th.  They regaled in the pomp and circumstance of the moment, yet did not lose themselves or their uniqueness.  It was the real Will and Kate who chatted intimately on the alter, laughed at their own small joke or that of Harry’s and stealing the taboo second kiss on the balcony in response to a ground swell from the waiting crowd.
It was all genuine and authentic.
As you re-zoom your legal journey, or what ever your journey turns out to be, remain authentic.  Place yourself in a position to learn everything you can about what you want to do.  And remember to breathe!
Kate and Will breathed at their wedding, and they were unafraid. Think of the power it took for them to breathe at such an auspicious time in their lives. This is an auspicious time your re-zooming career path. You can and need to breathe.  Take the time to breathe and you will have the time to become the better you.

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