Today we will read my good friend Julie Fershtman’s Equine Law Blog Update.  It speaks about common Equine Disputes.  I would add an addendum to her blog.

If the contract included a mediation clause, generally for the entire contract, or specifically for the definition of a term, such as live foal, it will enable the parties to have an opportunity discuss what they meant at the time the contract was entered into if a question arose with the help of a mediator.

 Adding this clause provides a way to assure a confidential civil conversation between the parties that is in the best interest of both and their continuing relationship.  It creates the process where they can confirm or change how they want to proceed, under the terms of the contract if ambiguity arises.


There are several good Dispute Avoidance tips in Julie’s Blog for my horse people.

Don’t miss it!
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—Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton