What will happen to your beloved pet(s) if you can't care for them yourself?

Join us Tuesday January 30th @ 3:30 pm EST
MAAP Pet Care Planning Presentation

5 Simple Tips To Help Ensure Your Pet Is Cared For
Even When You Can't Take Care Of Them Yourself...

During this FREE WEBINAR pet care planning advocate and conflict mediator Debra Hamilton will show you how to create a SIMPLE plan that will enable your beloved companion animals to receive the care you want them to receive any time you are personally unable to care for them...

Imagine your PEACE OF MIND knowing that you have plans in place for the care of your beloved pet in case something should happen to you and your ability to care for them! PRICELESS!



Dear Pawesome Pet Lover!

  • Are you proudly owned and loved by a dog, reptile, ferret, fish, horse, bird or cat?
  • Do you have a plan to care for your beloved companions if you are unable to care for them due to one of the 5 D's - Divorce, Disability, Delay, Disaster, Death?
  • Do you know (for sure) if the plans you already have in place will keep your pet safe?
  • Do you know how to make a comprehensive care plan for your animal companion?
  • Are you tired of worrying about what will happen to your pet if something happens to you?
  • Are you looking for a trusted resource to help you make that plan, giving you peace of mind?

Whether you are young or old, planning for the care of your beloved pet is, by far, one of the most important things you can do to show them how much you love them. They depend on you to keep them happy, healthy and safe.

If you said, YES! to any (or all) of those questions up there, then join me for this month's webinar to learn more about my proven strategy for planning your pet's future care.

Whether you own one cat or dog or several horses, dogs, fish, reptiles, birds and cats, making a plan for their care is one of the best ways to assure their continued well-being and safety.

Here's what you'll learn when you join us...

  • Learn about the “who’s, what’s and why’s” needed to create a Pet Care MAAP that works for everyone, including your pet.
  • Appointing a caregiver for your pet. It’s really not as easy as you would think! This information helps you get the clarity you need to make the best decisions possible for the appointed caregiver and your pet!
  • Addressing the needs of your pet. This is a CRITICAL piece that goes way beyond the basics of food, water and a dry bed!
  • Publishing your MAAP Pet Care plan. You have got to get your plan out of your head, out of your file cabinet, out of your safety deposit box and into the hands of the people who are going to help you. Otherwise all of your strategic planning and good intentions are for nothing!
  • The ONE thing EVERYONE fails to do - yours truly included... THIS will make or break the long term success of your pet care plan! Don't let this happen to your animals!

Your Special Gift For Registering...

Prepare Ebook MAAP

What Others Are Saying...

Debra provided me with all the information I needed to start thinking about and planning concretely for the care of my dog.  I worried that he would be returned to the shelter because I live alone.  Debra’s seminar helped me identify my needs and where to go to get them filled for the continued care of Jake.


I own several animals, large and small.  Debra’s program gave me easy templates to follow and places to go to help create the MAAP plan document and find the caregivers I needed to be ‘ME’ if I am unable to care for all my pets.


Thank you for posting this. Had a stroke last year had to board my 15 year old Eskie at the Vets because no one would take her. Total cost $10.000.00.

- Pat Mayer

No more Pawcrastination! Register today...

If you've been curious about what's involved in creating a plan for the care of your dependent pets, tune in to this webinar. Your pet's future is in your hands!

If you've been thinking about this for any length of time, what are you waiting for? Click the button below... Register TODAY (access to the webinar is FREE)!!

Is it worth about an hour of your time to take that first step and keep your pets out of a shelter? If you said, "Yes!!!", I'll "see" you there.

If, after participating in the webinar, you feel your plan may not meet the level of care you want for your pet, there will be a opportunity for you to work with me to get the information, guidance and support you need.


Do you already have a pet care plan done? A quick review is always a good idea!

Do you already have your pet's short and long term care plan done? Yes!!! Kudos!!!

Even if you've already made plans for your pet's care, I want to encourage you to attend the webinar. Double checking your current plan's directives is never a bad idea.

Who knows what information might need to be verified and updated!!! Life happens and things change all of the time! It's hard to keep up sometimes!


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