This book really resonated with me. Debra does an excellent job providing a realistic approach to conflicts over pets. When I opened the book , I immediately noticed Debra’s passion with regards to animal conflict resolution. She does an excellent job explaining the history of mediation, and the significance of mediation in resolving conflict.

Being an arbitrator, I truly agree with the author that alternate dispute methods are the ultimate form of resolving conflict. Debra presents solutions to longstanding problems. I learned new and interesting information because of this book. The examples used by the author were imaginative and striking , and Debra’s ability to convey her practice experience impressed me. This is definitely a book that I will remember. Its full of examples that I can use as an arbitrator. For example, I had no clue that the United States created a group of professional mediators called “Commissioners of Conciliation”.

The most interesting part of the book was hearing about Debra’s cases in pet custody mediation, and the amazing results that were produced for the animal during the mediations. Having been involved in a pet conflict myself, I realize the painful nature of growing through this experience, on a very deep and personal level.

Working with someone compassionate and skilled in resolving conflict is essential when trying to create the best solution for the pet. Nothing is more important in the agreement , then doing what is correct for the health and happiness of your beloved animal. There is nothing more important than hiring a professional when dealing with family law, animal law conflicts. Knowing that Debra is an attorney who’s practiced in the field , I would feel safe hiring her to resolve my conflict. I have nothing but great respect for people like Debra who fight for the better treatment of animals in the field of law. It takes a very special, and kind soul to do this.

I give this book a 5 star rating. It is an excellent tool for resolving conflict, and for learning about pet custody resolution tactics.