I also have written on mediating animal law conflicts, although on a much narrower academic-type level, and I can honestly say that Debra Voda-Hamilton has written a very accessible and relevant book that someday should be on the shelf of all local libraries. She explains in an easy-to-grasp manner the bonuses of using mediation to solve this burgeoning area of conflicts–conflicts involving animals. She also lays out the goals of mediation involving animals, what the parties should expect, and the positive outcomes that should follow from a successful mediation structure. Perhaps most interestingly, Ms. Voda-Hamilton includes real-life examples of past mediation involving animal issues. In an age in which many of the legal professionals involved in animal law issues are only interested in going to war, and also in many cases, as a result, chasing windmills, Ms. Voda-Hamilton has produced an outline for actual solutions.