This book is superb! It should be required reading not only for parting couples with pets, but by every law student, lawyer and family court judge in the country.

I’ve been a mediator for almost 40 yrs, now specializing solely in pet custody mediation, and I learned more than I thought I would from Vey Voda-Hamilton’s book–much more. It’s packed with information not only about pet custody mediation, but gives a very deep understanding of that deep bond between animals and the people who love them–a bond that goes back to our cave men and women ancestors (as described in her book).

Nipped in the Bud… is so interesting and enjoyable to read I had to read it again, and insist all my clients read it as well.

Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton is a nationally recognized pet custody mediator and it’s not hard to know why: aside from her vast amount of legal and mediation knowledge, she clearly has a big heart that embraces the animals and the people sharing them going through the turmoil of separation.

Wish there were more than five stars to give, because I’d give this book a dozen more!