This morning after a run on the beach, my 9 year old Doberman made it home only to collapse in the front driveway. He had collapsed on the beach in May but “woke up” and walked home with me. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong and said he could continue to run on the beach but watch him. She suspected his heart (he has a murmur). So when Rocco acted not right and went down with his feet in front, I talked to him and got him on his side. I continued to pet him and talk to him and then all of a sudden he stopped breathing. I remembered where to check for a pulse and there wasn’t one. I started CPR and he started breathing right away only to stop again. I did CPR again and his heart started pumping and he started panting. He stayed like this for about 10 minutes until my little dog started barking at something going by. Rocco got up all interested, ate his breakfast and stole my sock on the way up the stairs. I truly never thought I would use my training on my own dog. Thank you for your great class. I can’t believe I actually saved my own dog’s life today. I would not have known what to do otherwise. I would be mourning his loss, not celebrating his life today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I do feel like a million bucks thanks to you Denise and your class. Rocco is just fine — he’s his old self. I know at 9 years of age (he’s a big dog-100 pound Doberman) he probably doesn’t have too many more years with us but thanks to learning CPR he’s still around. I just can’t believe I actually saved my dog’s life.

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