What makes this book attractive is it’s not a textbook, written for other academics. It’s in conversational language, from the heart, and to the point – 119 pages.

Human breakups are often overflowing with emotion. Add the love of a pet to the equation and you have escalating distress, fear, and anger.

The book details strategy to pursue that is not overly complex nor solely theoretical. It’s practical. At the end, it asks you questions to stimulate your thinking. Easy to read and an “answer” to those involved in conflicts over their animals.

Particularly useful are a write-up of how a mediator can really help you do what you can’t do alone, save you a lot of misery and heartache and also how to understand and control emotions and negative chatter in our heads when interacting with someone we don’t like nor trust.

I think you’ll find this book a good investment and be pleased.