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Would you like me to personally work with you one-on-one to help you MAAP out your personal pet care plan?

My clients routinely pay $500 per hour to consult with me privately, but not you if you are one of the first 10 people to take me up on the offer I made in tonight’s webinar! But, more on that in a bit…

Here’s the replay of last night’s webinar 

(We’re using a brand new webinar technology, so there are some technical issues with the visuals – the audio is perfect! It just doesn’t get any more real than doing a live presentation!)


Here’s What You Get With The MAAP DIY Program

4 Videos and Accompanying Templates that walk & talk you through each step of creating your pet’s personalized MAAP Plan. This is approximately 30 minutes in total of video training and the templates are ready for you to print and complete. If you were to come to my office and have me help you with this one-on-one as a private client, your investment would be upwards of $2,000.00. But, your investment today won’t nearly be that much…

The videos and templates are designed to help you put a comprehensive MAAP plan together as simply and efficiently as possible. We leave no stone un-turned!!


Let me take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through:

VIDEO 1 – Thinking about the “who’s, what’s and why’s” needed to create a MAPP plan that works for everyone, including your pet.

TEMPLATE 1 – Is an “Overall Pet Care Plan Information Sheet” that covers both your pet’s short term and long term care should something happen to you.


VIDEO 2 – Appointing a caregiver for your pet. It’s really not as easy as you would think! This video helps you get the clarity you need to make the best decisions possible for the appointed caregiver and your pet!

TEMPLATE 2 – Is the “Individual Pet Caregiver Information Sheet” that contains all of the caregivers’ information as well as your pet’s.


VIDEO 3 – Addressing the needs of your pet. This is a CRITICAL piece that goes way beyond the basics of food, water and a dry bed!

TEMPLATE 3 – Is the “Individual Pet Information Sheet” that contains of your pet’s characteristics and preferences.


VIDEO 4 – Publishing your MAAP plan. You have got to get your MAAP plan out of your head, out of your file cabinet, out of your safety deposit box and into the hands of the people who are going to help you. Otherwise all of your strategic planning and good intentions are for nothing!

TEMPLATE 4 – Reviews where and how to publish your pet care directives.


As I mentioned on the webinar, because I want to support you in getting this done as quickly and efficiently as possible, I’m offering the MAAP DIY Program to you at the insanely discounted rate of only $597 $497 (a 75% savings for you – and yes the typo discount is included!!!)

Be one of the first 10 people to register by 12:00 pm (midnight) PST Sunday January 17 and you will also get a complimentary 30 minute private, pick-my-brain telephone consult with me ($250 real world value) 

I’ve decided to extend this offer though Sunday as a “thank you” for your patience with the cancellation and webinar tech issues… and to give you enough time to put your funding together so you don’t miss out – I received several emails telling me that 6 hours was just too short notice!

Purchase your MAAP DIY Program today & get this DONE
so you can rest easy if the unexpected happens!
Only 1 EZ Payment of $497 
 You save $1,500.00
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Purchase your MAAP DIY Program today & get it DONE – the peace of mind is PRICELESS should the unexpected happen!
Only 1 EZ Payment of $497 
 You save $1,500.00
Rest assured, your order is taken over a secure server!


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