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You have taken the single most important step for you and your pet when traveling. You brought his/her PetPassport© along.

Your PetPassport© provides fingertip access to information you might need to know in the event your pet becomes lost or ill while traveling.

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Ultimate Pet Resolution Summit


Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton ESQThe Ultimate Pet Resolution Summit with practice pioneer Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton is a 6 Segment Summit which explores the use of mediation in resolving conflicts between people about pets.

After listening to the 6 Segment Summit you will understand problems that arise and how the experts find solutions. You will feel confident in including pet conflicts in your mediation practice after you complete the summit.

This first series is available for just $47.99


Pet Home Alone App


Get The Pet Home Alone App TODAY!




This iPhone and Droid App enables you to list in your smart phone the

  • Who to call
  • What care your pet needs and
  • How to fund that care

The ‘must have’ app for all Pet Owners who:

  • Work outside the home
  • Travel with or without their pet
  • Leave their pet at daycare or Work with pets

This App enables you to provide the continuity of care information for your pets even when you can’t, due to

delay, disability, disaster or death.

Don’t delay, go to

or email contact [at] for the link to buy your

Pet Home Alone App

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