MAAPing The Journey Your Pet Takes
When You Can’t Care For It Yourself

Introducing The MAAP Pet Care Planning Blueprint

The MAAP Blueprint is hands-down the SIMPLEST, MOST EFFICIENT and MOST AFFORDABLE  way to create a comprehensive short and long-term care plan for your pet(s).  It’s perfect for people, just like you, who want to do the right thing when it comes to planning for their animals future care, but just don’t know where to begin or if what they’ve done is enough!

You simply won’t find a better value for this type of information, support and accountability ANYWHERE else online!

I literally take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through everything you need to do to create a short and long-term pet care plan that ensures your pet(s) are properly cared for.

What’s Included In The MAAP Pet Care Planning Blueprint

4 Laser-Focused, Information Packed Video Training Modules & Printable Worksheets That Leave No Stone Un-Turned PLUS A Bonus Module To Wrap Everything Up


VIDEO 1 – I’m going to guide you through the process of thinking about the “who’s, what’s and why’s” needed to create a MAPP plan that works for everyone, including your pet.

TEMPLATE 1 – Is an “Overall Pet Care Plan Information Sheet” that covers both your pet’s short term and long term care should something happen to you.


VIDEO 2 – Who do you appoint as a caregiver for your pet? It’s really not as easy as you would think! This video helps you get the clarity you need to make the best decisions possible for the appointed caregiver and your pet!

TEMPLATE 2 – Is the “Individual Pet Caregiver Information Sheet” that contains all of the caregivers’ information as well as your pet’s.


VIDEO 3 – What does your pet need to thrive? This is a CRITICAL piece that goes way beyond the basics of food, water, and a dry bed!

TEMPLATE 3 – Is the “Individual Pet Information Sheet” that contains your pet’s characteristics and preferences.


VIDEO 4 – Here’s how to get your MAAP plan out of your head, out of your file cabinet, out of your safety deposit box and into the hands of the people who are going to help you. Otherwise, all of your strategic planning and good intentions are for nothing!

TEMPLATE 4 – Reviews where and how to publish your pet care directives.


This is the ONE thing EVERYONE fails to do – yours truly included… And, it will make or break the long-term success of your pet care plan! Let me show you how to make sure this doesn’t happen to your animals!


To support you as efficiently as possible, we will have a monthly Q & A call! If you discover that you have questions while you are going through the videos and templates in the different modules, all you need to do is come to the call and I will personally work with you during the call until you get your questions answered!

Read What Others Are Saying About The Program…

Well, well worth your participation. I attended one of the Debra Hamilton webinars about a year ago.

Debra went on to assist my estate planning attorney and me to put together a plan.

We are going on to establish a pet trust, especially now that Jeff is totally out of action.

No matter what your age, pet emergency and long-term planning are imperative.

Connie Koehler

This was the greatest webinar ever Debra! Sorry I missed it on air!

I took lots of notes and will do homework about these things both micro and macro.

Perfect info- and I realised a countenance of blessings beyond Puppineyas, but also for horsies as my mom has now rescued 3 of them in Nevada!

Of all the blessed 12 Justices on the Supreme Court of the US, God!! how I wish you are one of them. You are soooo like a Goddess.

The whole package: love, forgiveness, resolution, plan, ways to keep the good of the plan going and improved into the future no matter what… With reinforcements built- in like a greatest idea of sustaining life. A beautiful star constellation for us to be like, blessed!! And you too!!

So awesome!!
Best always,
Mosa Giuliano and the pup ❤🐕

Debra Hamilton is a great resource for pet parents. She taught me that setting up a trust and instructions on how I’d want my dogs cared for if something happened to me was of paramount importance.

It always made me very uncomfortable when my husband and I traveled together. What would become of our four furry babies, should tragedy strike? We don’t want to think that, but unless we’re prepared, our beloved animals are the ones who will possibly suffer.

Today, because of Debra’s insights and follow through, I have a safe haven for each of my dogs. Each trusted caretaker knows exactly how I’d want that pup cared for; their quirks and needs.

We pray this is proactive but never needed, of course, but I know that because of it, I feel so relieved and prepared! I highly recommend Debra for guidance, coaching, and legal services to prepare you to ensure your babies will be in good hands and live the life you’d want them to live.

Jody Miller-Young

Fashion Editor, Hamptons Pet Magazine, Bark And Swagger

Debra provided me with all the information I needed to start thinking about and planning concretely for the care of my dog.  I worried that he would be returned to the shelter because I live alone.  Debra’s seminar helped me identify my needs and where to go to get them filled for the continued care of Jake.

Thanks to you my “MAAP” plan is all made out, both short-term illness and long-term death. Luckily my vet is my neighbor, too. He has a plan and key to my house, one will go to each neighbor, one to my groomer friend, and one to my daughter.

I really feel covered for Joe Cool and all my turtles and tortoises.

Thanks for motivating me!!


I own several animals, large and small.  Debra’s program gave me easy templates to follow and places to go to help create the MAAP plan document and find the caregivers I needed to be ‘ME’ if I am unable to care for all my pets.

Thank you for this. Had a stroke last year and I had to board my 15 year old Eskie at the Vets because no one would take her. Total cost $10.000.00.

Debra does an amazing job of explaining everything a pet owner needs to do in her MAAP plan. Every pet owner needs to attend her class!

Leslie Schick Gorrell

Here’s How The MAAP Pet Care Planning Blueprint Training Works

I want to support you in getting your MAAP Plan done as quickly, efficiently and affordably as possible, so your investment in the MAAP Blueprint is only 3 payments of $137 or a single payment of $375.

You will receive 1 Module every three weeks. That gives you 1 full week to review the video and two weeks to complete the corresponding worksheet. Once a month we will have a LIVE Q & A call to get your questions answered. 

This means that within 3 months your pet’s short and long-term care plan will be DONE! Imagine what a RELIEF that will be!

Invest in the MAAP Blueprint today & get this DONE before the
unexpected happens! This way
 you have peace of mind knowing
you are prepared if something does happen!

Only 3 Payments of $137

Rest assured, your order is taken over a secure server!

1 Single Payment of $375 (save $36.00)

Your beloved animal companions DEPEND on you to take care of them. And putting a ROCK SOLID plan in place for their care is the BEST way for you to ensure they are well cared for, even when you can’t do it yourself! The peace of mind that comes from having a plan in place is PRICELESS!

Answers To Freuqently Asked Questions

Q I've already got plans for my pet in my will. How can your program help me?

Congrats for doing a will and thinking of your pet’s welfare in your will.  Did you know it can sometimes take 6 months to a year to settle an estate and implement the terms in a will?  You will want to listen to this webinar and participate in the MAAP plan because we speak to the stopgap that occurs from death to implementation.  Plus, if you do not die, none of the provisions are applicable.

Q Why are you charging for this information if I can find all of it on-line for free?

You can look for and find some of this information online for free.  Yet to participate in the MAAP plan gives you the added bonus of personal support from me in the group meetings plus a template to follow so that you really get it done. We all know we have the best of intentions to get things done. Without accountability we never do. Your pet is counting on you getting it done. I’m here to gently support you getting it done with tools and guidance that make the process painless.

Q Attorneys are expensive. Why are you offering your personal services for such a low fee?

This is so affordable because I want everyone to get their plan done.  I don’t want you to find yourself in the same position I did in 2013. Your pets will be at risk and that is not what you intended.

Q Will this work regardless of where I live?

Yes because this is a plan you are making outside of your will and pet trust.  You will incorporate it into your will and trust once we are done. You do not have to go back to your attorney to re-draft these directives. They will be referred to by title in your will and pet trust.  What you draft today can be changed every year (and should be updated yearly) without having to re-write your will or pet trust.  The MAAP Pet Care Plan works in all states.  

Q Do I have to set up an annuity for my pet to make this work?

No, you do not have to set up an annuity to make this plan work,  but we go into why you might want to.  I have worked with financial planners to see what is best and most affordable for you to incorporate in your will and trust to financially support the care of your pets.

Q Is there anyone that won't benefit from this information?

Someone who doesn’t have any animals may not need to attend. That said, if you don’t have animals of your own and have agreed to care for someone else’s pets, then you should be here too!

If you’re someone who’s not ready to do the work that’s needed to create a plan for your pet(s), then you really shouldn’t invest in the training.

Q How much time is it actually going to take me to do this?

We have worked it out to be done in about 60 – 90 days. This program has been structured in a step-by-step manner. Using the video tutorials and templates, plus the live instruction and Q&A will allow you to complete the entire program in 60-90 days.

It is a “go at your own speed training” since everything is recorded.  If you do it live, it will take a shorter amount of time. If you do it via recording – some questions you have may linger. If that is the case, write us and we will answer them on the final bonus wrap up call!

Invest in the MAAP Blueprint today & get this DONE before the
unexpected happens! This way you have peace of mind while
you’re on vacation, away on business, or just living life!

Only 3 Payments of $137

Rest assured, your order is taken over a secure server!

1 Single Payment of $375 (save $36.00)

Your beloved animal companions DEPEND on you to take care of them. And putting a ROCK SOLID plan in place for their care is the BEST way for you to ensure they are well cared for, even when you can’t do it yourself! The peace of mind that comes from having a plan in place is PRICELESS!

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