When I read this quote, it started my creative juices flowing for this post.  I highly recommend Googling Christian Nevell Bovee or better yet go to Thinkexist.com and spend some time reading a few of the 80 quotes he has there, as well as other quotes by the famous and not so famous.
My headline quote by Bovee speaks volumes to the entrepreneur.  We have opened our own businesses for various reasons.  We think it and do it.  We are enterprising.  We know what gets us up in the morning, gets us in our office and has us help the clients who have come to us in conflict. 
For me, my audacious planning encompasses bringing Alternative Dispute Resolution to the Animal Conflict Community. This is a tall order, exacerbated by the fact it is one of the fastest growing sections of law and litigation is seen as the preferred means of resolving conflicts involving animals.  The emotions surrounding a conflict in animal law run high and take over the situation, much as they do in divorce proceedings. 
The availability of conflicting parties to agree to use an alternative dispute resolution venue, before starting a law suit, requires education on its availability, the probability of its successful outcome and an accounting of the high cost and length of time to resolution if they chose litigation.  This is where my vigor in executing comes into play.  I speak at multiple venues to alert future clients of my presence in the market and how I bring a solution they may want to explore to the table.  I am passionate and well educated in the benefits and limitations of ADR. How I present this new way of resolving Animal Law Conflicts will determine how successful I will be in creating a market for my services. Audacious entrepreneurial planning leads to positive career outcome.
Each day I wake up, head to my office early and endeavor to help each client who desires to explore the viability of using an alternative dispute resolution method to resolve their disagreement.  Educating these clients is the first and most important step in growing my practice.  Proficiency in the process is the next stepping-stone.  My passion for this area of practice and the planning I do to get my message out to new clients completes the puzzle.  These building blocks allow me to apply the appropriate alternative dispute resolution processes to the problem confronting the parties with vigor.
The next time you need a shot of adrenaline to reassure yourself you are on the right path, check out Mr. Nevell Bovee or Think exist.com.  Find someone who has written a quote that speaks to you.  Keep planning your path with audacity and executing your passion with vigor.

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