Conflict Resolution & the Accessibility of Meetings

Oct 15th & 16th
Learn how to create fully accessible virtual meetings and dispute resolution sessions!
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COVID-19 has caused a historic change and will continue to cause fundamental shifts in how we socialize and how we work as dispute resolvers.

Knowing how to host a meeting, and yes even mediations on-line, is an important set of skills to acquire and to perfect.

Diversity and Inclusion need to incorporate clients and practitioners with disabilities, and therefore, accessibility concerns must be at the forefront during this transition to the more prevalent use of ADR post-COVID-19.

Learn How to Create Fully Accessible Virtual Meetings and Dispute Resolution Sessions

Join Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton, Esq. and Gary C. Norman, Esq. L.L.M for a four-hour training
1:00-3pm (two hours) on October 15th and 1:00-3pm (two hours) on October 16th
that will address how you create fully accessible virtual meetings and dispute resolutions sessions.

Participants will learn how to use technology to enhance the abilities of both the user and the provider, which helps to accommodate people with disabilities in dispute resolution sessions.

Participants will become aware of and sensitive to diversity and the inclusion of all parties in every area of conflict and conflict resolution. Consistent with best practices and ethical standards for mediators, this program applies to those involved in the dispute and those helping to facilitate its redress.

Participants will learn how to inquire about everyone’s specific needs to accommodate those who may have disabilities that need accommodation.  This helps the process of mediation ensuring that everyone can have an active and equal participation in the process.

There will be a group conversation about accessible platforms available to both users and providers. We will also be discussing emerging technologies that will help you facilitate equal participation for all. These meetings can be held for non-profit boards of directors, mediations, and town hall discussions.

Meet Your Presenters

Debra and Gary have been at the forefront of brokering peaceful conversations on a  wide range of issues affecting people with disabilities, health concerns and service animals. They have facilitated these important conversations on accessibility for the past 5 years.

In this program, Debra and Gary discuss the top ten issues that come up as a result of COVID-19 providing attendees with an opportunity to transition these issues that pose difficult questions into viable answers.

If you are a professional, who practices in any field of dispute resolution, you will want to attend this seminar to learn how to easily accommodate your client’s and your own needs in an on-line process. If you are a practitioner with a disability or a professional who regularly assists clients with disabilities; this program is for you.

When you attend this workshop, you will receive:

  • A signed certificate of completion to submit for continuing education credits
  • A resource guide for accessible meetings and dispute resolution sessions
  • “Hands-on” role-play session

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