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I Have A Vision

I have a vision of people working peacefully alongside each other to better the plight of all animals.  They mutually respect each other’s similarities in opinion, as well as their differences.  Their respect of the differences can move mountains. It may...

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On Temple Grandin

Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton & Temple GrandinI have always been in awe of Temple Grandin.  I saw the movie depicting her life, staring Clare Danes, several times.  She just seems so passionate about her love of animals but so practical in the application of...

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Read Between the Lines

I am often amazed at things dog owner’s sign that they never read or if they read don’t care what’s said.  They ask no questions and worse yet, enter into verbal understandings at the time of the exchange that countermand what the document they are signing...

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The Unintended Circus

As we closed out 2012, amid fears the country would fall off the financial ‘fiscal cliff,’ a ‘fiscal cliff’ of another kind was created for a usually irreproachable non-profit organization, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, as a result of...

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The Comfort of a Dog

In the wake of what happened in Newtown Connecticut last week, I thought I would write about something near and dear to my heart.  The comfort pets bring to humans, especially at times like these.  It is simply amazing. In my mediation practice, I often see...

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Herding Cats!

Herding cats is difficult.  We often use this term colloquially whenever we are trying to pull difficult people or things together.  I’ve used it to describe my efforts to encourage colleagues to provide documents or articles in support of the presentation they are...

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I Want to Kill the Dog

A comment by Debra Hamilton on the book by Richard CohenIn the past week I have had 5 colleagues and 8 friends forward information about this book to my inbox.  I get it!  I am supposed to comment, so here it goes.Richard Cohen, Emmy Award winning author and...

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They shoot dogs don’t they?

Photo credit:  Pet TalkThis week’s blog takes another ‘bite’ out of the entries in the wonderful summary provided by the ABA TIPS Fall 2011 Law Journal’s review of Animal Tort and Insurance Law by Adam P Karp, Yvonne C. Ocrant and Steven R. Bonanno.Under...

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More than a pretty face

This week a few memorable articles struck my fancy and so I bring them to you as illustrative of how important our pets are to us. The articles describe how animals’ have/can change people’s lives or how people can change the circumstances in which they find these...

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After reading my Google alerts for Animal Law Issues today, I decided to write this week’s blog on the Consequences of Kneejerk Reactions to animals or their protectors behavior.  I am only covering three here today. (I could cover ten!)They are:...

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Dog Days of Summer

As I sit here on my porch after a summer thunderstorm, surrounded by my dogs, my thoughts turn to the dog days of summer and how my practice, of providing alternative conflict resolution for people in conflict over animals, picks up during this time of year.  As...

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Ask…then Listen.

Today was a very special day for me. I conducted a mediation I had worked on with my Mastermind Group the week before.  I brought it to my Mastermind Group in order to get a better handle on my own emotions and better serve the clients in this mediation.Let me...

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