As we reflect today on what this day means to us and where we were, on this day, 12 years ago lets send a prayer out to all those who were effected personally by this event.  The shock never wanes for me, and I was 30 miles away.
Yesterday, a very dear colleague spoke about her experience on 9-11.  I’d like to briefly tell her story.
My friend worked in one of the towers.
That day she, for whatever reason, did not stop at the Crispy Cream Donut shop at the base of the towers as she always did.  She said she just wasn’t hungry right then and went straight to her desk.
About an hour later her tummy started growling.  She remembered she hadn’t gotten any breakfast.  She left her desk on the 84th floor and she went to the 43rd floor cafeteria in her tower for breakfast.
Her tummy growls saved her life.
Although I have know this woman for two years, I had no idea how close she came to not being right here, right now.  How her choice that morning meant the difference between gracing and not gracing my life with her brilliance.  I am profoundly grateful to her growling tummy.
I know there are thousands of storied about people who were late to work and were spared or were there by chance and lost.  This is the first time I have personally been affected by a 9-11 survivor.  She has directly touched my life.   
So today, as I take pause to reflect on those lost and those whose lives were changed completely that day, I will for the first time individually identify one person I am grateful the angels chose to spare.  She is such a giving person and a bright light.
We never know how we will impact someone else’s life.  Remember we are all here for that purpose.  Today and everyday remember, you never know.  Don’t put your light under a bushel basket. Recognize you can use each day to shine your magnificence out to the world.  Like my friend, share your light fully.  Only then will you realize just how important your one voice can be to everyone.

By Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton