Everyone should read this book, especially at this time when hatred is being spewed all over–the internet included! I have never been a fan of “legal remedies”. Actually, I don’t trust lawyers all that much–It goes against my grain that they can one minute be fighting for the plaintiff then the next switch gears and fight for the defendant. I do understand the need for them to be able to perform this sleight of hand–but it does not mean I have to like it! Most of our politicians are lawyers–need I say more? As of right now we have a bunch of Big Business people in government–they are no better in my opinion! You may agree or disagree with me–but that is my opinion and I agree to disagree with those of you of opposing opinions. We all have the right to our own opinions!

I had heard of mediation before but honestly did not know too much about it. After having read this book it does seem to me that mediation is a far better route to travel then a courthouse. It explains the entire process in easy to understand language, and why, especially when in a dispute over a beloved pet (who is considered property in a court of law)-it is the way to proceed. There is no right or wrong in Mediation–but there is a way to bring two or more parties to a mutually satisfying conclusion and at a much lower cost!

This book explains the process from one end to the other using anecdotal situations. At the end there is a compilation of resources which you can go to if you are in need of a mediator.