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Join Debra Hamilton & Denise Fleck for...


The Emergency Pet Care & Planning Webinars Your Beloved Fur-Kids Want YOU To Attend!!!


April 1 - Are You Really Prepared To Care For Your Pet?

Happy April Fool's Day!  Debra and Denise will get you on the right path so that you won't be an April, May, June or anytime of the year fool when it comes to your pet's health and care - no "Gotchas"  for you and your sweet fur babies!

Nationally recognized short and long term pet care planning authority Debra Hamilton will help you checklist a review of the plan and people you have in place to care for your beloved pet(s).

Award-winning author and Animal Care Instructor, Denise Fleck will share with you the basics of why you MUST learn animal life-saving skills and feel confident reacting BEFORE veterinary care is available in an emergency.

April 8 - Disaster Preparedness - Are You Ready?

When disaster strikes, your pets need you to be prepared. The right kind of training, equipment and attitude can make the difference.

According to statistics, when tragedy strikes:

  • 10-15% of humans react appropriately to emergencies
  • 75% have to be told what to do, and
  • 10-15% react inappropriately

Where do YOU fit?

During this webinar, Denise Fleck will get you started on the path to being in that top 10%, but you must be proactive and do your homework beginning now.

April 15 - Pro-Actively Handling Conflicts About Pets

During this webinar, Debra discusses: Why addressing conflicts effectively is all about having conversations that do not escalate into disagreements! This helps everyone to live more peacefully with the pets (their own and other's) in their lives.

Handling Divorce / Veterinarian Issues / Neighbor Disagreements the way Debra discusses helps create better outcomes for all involved - especially your beloved companion animal(s).

April 22 - Creating A MAAP Plan For Your Beloved Pet Is A Must

During this webinar, Debra discusses navigating the journey your pet takes if you cannot care for them either short term or long term.

She also shares a well kept secret that trust and estate attorneys NEVER talk about.

Making a plan is the single most important thing you can do for the life and safety of your pet. Debra shares some powerful stories about pets who were left without a plan by their loving owners.


April 29 - Pet First Aid - Life Saving Success Stories with Denise Fleck

During this webinar, Denise shares stories about her students who have put Pet First-Aid skills to the test and helped – even saved the lives – of an injured cat or dog.

You, too, can be a hero to an animal in need!! But you first need to learn the skills and then you must keep them current so you can flip that auto-pilot switch on in an instant when your furry family member needs you most.

May 6 - My Pet & Me Webinar Series Recap - Desert Hot Springs Weekend (May 20 -22) Agenda

Debra Hamilton & Denise Fleck are together again!

They are recapping what has been shared with you over the past 5 weeks about the importance of being pro-active for the sake of your animal family members. Plus they are discussing the highlights of their upcoming Emergency Pet Care and Planning Spa Adventure & Training in gorgeous Desert Hot Springs, CA!

They will each give you one more WHY as well as the HOW you can make a concerted effort TODAY to prepare for any eventuality that may befall the four-legged, feathered, finned or even scaled family members you share your life with.

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