Animal Conflict Mediation Services


Resolving_Conflicts_Conflicts, between people over animals, will always be with us. How we respond and resolve those conflicts is changing. At Hamilton Law and Mediation our focus is on the needs of our clients involved in a conflict about an animal BEFORE they resort to litigation.

Hamilton Law and Mediation is a premier New York law firm focused on the resolution of animal conflicts using Mediation and Collaborative Process.

Our clients understand the benefit of employing our alternative dispute resolution method at the outset of their conflict. We support the premise that they alone have the knowledge about what’s best for them and their pet. We simply give them the chance to discuss that information in a venue where they can pursue a mutual solution.

Often, it is because they don’t have a clear understanding of the methods of resolution available to them that they resort to litigation. We educate our clients while saving them time, money and emotional heartache. They can always choose to litigate. We empower them to make the most educated choice.

HLM’s approach to resolving animal conflicts enables our clients to retain a relationship with their adversary after the conflict is resolved –  a win-win solution to the conflict and the future relationship.

When life decisions had to be made for a co-owned dog…

When life decisions had to be made for a co-owned dog, Debra worked with all of us – the breeder, the co-owners and the foster family. She helped us mediate our way to a solution that worked for the people AND the dog. Avoiding a court battle was important to my husband and me. This was our first time using mediation and Debra guided us through the process. We will definitely use HLM if a future need arises.

Denise Porterfield

As an animal lover and 21st century forward thinking lawyer…

As an animal lover and 21st century forward thinking lawyer, Debra fulfills the unique circumstances surrounding animal issues with effective and holistic mediation. For many people, pets are their children and that emotional
connection is the heart and soul of Debra’s mission. She is truly the go-to lawyer for ensuring that human and animal needs are properly attended to and resolved without the cost, time and stress of a court battle.

Jean Gillis, Esq.

I was in an irresolvable situation with Irish Setter Rescue…

I was in an irresolvable situation with Irish Setter Rescue, who contacted Debra. Debra provided a safe environment in which to resolve our conflict, to the satisfaction of all parties. She set up a telephone conference in a timely manner, and guided us through a very difficult but productive conversation wherein we were heard, respected, and which ended in a resolution that was truly in the best interest of the dog, and all the people involved I am so grateful to Debra, and would recommend her to anyone in conflict over animal custody.

Elizabeth Wood, Canine Behavior Specialist

Debra’s presentation was masterful…

Debra’s presentation was masterful. She brings tremendous competence, experience, and compassion to the field of animal law mediation and is a true benefit to any legal team.

Dr. Mark J. Bamberger, Esq.

We’ve already invited her back!

Debra’s warmth, humor and boundless knowledge made our program both entertaining and substantive! We’ve already invited her back!

Kyle Silvers, Chair of the Animal Law Committee Ohio State Bar Association

Thank you for making such a difference…

Thank you for making such a difference in our lives this year and giving of yourself so kindly.  You are truly an angel.

Joseph Malone

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We explain the benefits of employing mediation and collaborative process to their conflicts in:

Family Pet Conflicts including:

• Divorce
• Civil partnership resolutions
• Estate matters involving surviving pets

Housing Animal Conflicts in:

• Coop / Condo
• Neighbor
• Landlord /Tenant

Breeder/Owner/Handler Animal Conflicts:

• Breeder / Owner Contracts
• Handler/ Owner contracts
• All Breed Club and Breed Club Relationships with members

Commercial Service Providers involved in an animal conflict:

• Owner / Veterinarian; Groomer; Trainer; Dog walker (and vice versa)

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How to Work Directly With Debra

Private Consultancy

1.  One - 90 Minute Session
2.  30 Minute - Quick and Dirty Evaluation of a Conflict Situation
3.  Customized Products, Services and Corporate Retainers


Please contact Debra directly to discuss which of these options
is best suited  for your situation prior to purchase
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